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Do yourself a favor!
Instead of boring old cornflakes, choose the tastiest way to good health with Express Foods’ Muesli

No time for breakfast?
It takes less than 10 minutes to eat a bowl of delicious Express Foods’ muesli!

What makes our Muesli special?
It’s Simple. We use the best ingredients.
Starting with award winning Mornflake Oats* (the main ingredient in any muesli) imported from the U.K.

How do you like your muesli?
crunchy or soft?
with oat clusters or flakes?
No added sugar? wheat-free?
like raisins? almonds? hazelnuts? walnuts?
honey? sunflower seeds? sesame seeds?
we have a muesli for every taste!

*Mornflake Oats is the registered trademark of Morning Foods     Ltd., U.K.Oats_Porridge.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0

Waking up feeling fuzzy is nature’s way of telling you that while asleep, your body has been hard at work repairing itself. As a consequence, energy levels are now very low. Eat breakfast & you’ll not only feel more energetic, your concentration, mood and performance will significantly improve.

Breakfast can help you manage your weight better too. This is probably because you reduce the chances of mid-morning cravings for snack foods that are high in calories and fat. 

So, enjoy a bowl of porridge or nutritious muesli every morning. The energy in the wholegrains will be released slowly into your bloodstream throughout the day – keeping you going for longer in-between meals.

Breakfast is so important, a good bowlful of Express Foods’ muesli not only fills you up but helps you to resist snacking before lunch.

we make eight types of delicious muesli

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